Saturday night with Antony

Well I didn’t get back to this yesterday but I’ll try and get to it now.

This weekend just gone I had lined up for Antony to come over. Antony is one of the 2 guys I had a rather public threesome with in a gay bar 3 or 4 weeks ago. Just a reminder – Antony is 19yo, plays LOTS of rugby so he is not only fit but very nicely defined. I found his profile online (using outpersonals – those links down the left side) and when I read that he is a top and loves sucking cock I thought that we’d get along – hehehe.

This weekend was going to be perfect – Nikki & Matt (the people who I live with) had to go up to Auckland for some family thing so I had the house (which has a hot tub all to myself). I do have fond memories of this hottub as last year I got to play with Nikki, Matt and Sandra (click here to read that). Antony did know to wear his speedos and I had gotten out my white aussiebum coolabah’s so it was going to be hot.

Antony arrived just on dark and we wasted no time stripping each other down to our speedos while our tongues wrestled, Antony is a great kisser.

As with the first time I met Antony he was wearing a pair of his skool speedos (he was at skool not that long ago). Being the ‘top’ that Antony is I was looking forward all week to having him inside me and and I drag him into Nikki and Matt’s bedroom and let him have his way with my arse.

When he was done… Antony really wanted to suck me off but I was keen to get into the hottub. So with Antony softening ever so slightly and me rock solid hard in my AussieBum’s I took my time making up some drinks for us and made our way to the hottub. I grabbed some condoms and lube on the way just incase Antony wanted another go or if he was going to let me fuck him.

Finally I let Antony gorge himself on my cock and I think I lasted a whole 2 seconds – hehehe. After taking every drop of my creamy cum he just kept sucking and after about 10 minutes I came again.

For the rest of the night we just layed around the house wearing nothing more than speedos (I did put on a towel when the guy from the Chinese Take-Out knocked on the door). The highlight though was eating Mongolian Lamb off Antony’s speedo.

I didn’t get to fuck Antony but the next morning I did give him a rimjob which he hadn’t had before and said that he enjoyed it. I’m softening him up and next time I’m going to take his anal virginity.

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