Speedo Cuties

I have been meaning to ask – do you guys like the new header?

I will have to admit that I did jerk off to this guys photo when I first saw it – just classic speedos on a beautiful body.  If you guys don’t like it of course, I can remove it (sarcasm – I’m pretty sure you guys will like it).

If you guys need anything more to jerk off to – I just put a new movie on over at the members blog.

Speedo Twink

Another hot guy wearing a classic speedo……

Classic Speedos

And what is better than a speedo cutie?  Two speedo cuties of course.

Speedo Guys in the Dunes

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5 Comments on "Speedo Cuties"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


pics one and two..too much..i’m redy for them..


I like the guy in the second photo better than the first, but if any of them asked me to join them for a beer I would not say no. Good selections Dave.

Dr. Phil

Dave, you never fail to deliver…! 😉

The first two are jaw-droppers, and when I saw Fellow #1 on the header just now…wow…send him right over, please!

(Am I crazy in thinking he looks ever-so-slightly like Harry Stiles, but with cleaner and shorter hair, and no dumb tattoos of course?)

The couple below isn’t as good, but still aren’t bad…you can’t win ’em all, eh? 😉


Love pics #1 and #2 very much!

Particularly love the nylon speedo on #1 which probably makes it my favourite!

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