Surfer wearing speedos.

Now I love the beach guys but contrary to popular belief not all of us Aussie’s can surf. I’m terrible at it – I prefer swimming with fins and a wet suit when the surf gets big.

But I suppose if more surfers wore speedos like the guy below then I might be inclined to try a bit harder at it.

Speedo surfer - a surfer wearing speedos.

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adam said,  


I must say he looks good in those speedos.
Once agin excellent choice.
Keep this style coming.Well done
Have a great week end Dave.

Big Jay said,  

dave this is a super hott guy and photo I think. I the instructors look like him I would definetly give surfing a try, i don’t surf as I live in Ohio. Super Hott though!!!

robert said,  

Wow, Dave, if this was you, I’d fuck you off! He is hot!

tommo said,  

Great pic Dave,, actually it is a pic used on someone’s profile too so obviously he is a popular lad :-)..looking forward ot hearing about ur latest adventure matey….cheers tommo

john said,  

cool site/ pic man! from a kiwi

Big Jay said,  

Finally this is my fourth favorite!

Rob said,  

Fuck me!!…Please!!!

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