Surfing Date

On Friday night I met this chick at the pub and we have a surfing date this morning.

Turns out she went to uni (college) with some of my buddies up here and she has recently returned to town after living and working overseas for a while.

I’m told she is a ripping surfer and since I’m a pathetic surfer the boys suggested she take me out.  Since Friday we’ve exchanged a few text messages and she is keen and will be arriving here in an hour or so.

After surfing I’m going to cook up some breakfast and see how things go.  There won’t be too much flesh on display as we’ll both be wearing wetsuits but it should be fun.

I won’t post much about it here but check out my blog for any of my str8 developments.

Speedo SurfingSurfing in Speedos

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

Dr. Phil

You could do that oh-so-subtle thing of putting on and taking off your wetsuit in front of her, with speedos on the whole time, and see if it gets any looks…!?! (Or, I could just go back to my own fantasies by myself…)

Dr. Phil

Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

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