What do you think of the new look?

This afternoon I’ve spent 6hrs working on the new aussiespeedoguy.net.  Yesterday I got the email from WIPO (the webs copyright police) saying that the evil Speedo Corporation are stealing my domain.

Its a bit of a bummer but not the end of the world and if they feel the need to steal my domain to keep some bureaucrat busy then I’m happy to let them have it.  I’ve registered some new domains but the one that I like the most is aussiespeedoguy.net.  If anyone has any other ideas please let me know I’m pretty sure I’ll change that name down the track to something more catchy.

If you have SpeedoGuy.com in your favourites then be sure to change it to www.aussiespeedoguy.org.

During the afternoon I’ve gone through my blog roll (is on the right hand side there).  I use that list myself to read other blogs and I went through them all and checked on the ones that are still good and I had to contact all the blog owners to ask them to change their links to my new address.  I try to keep those blogs as only blogs that I would read and I can promise you that they are – check them out.

I’ve changed the banner ads on the right there as well.  Those banner ads help to support this blog – again those are sites that I’ve joined myself (if I don’t run them or are run by mates of mine who I helped them set their site up) and I suggest you join them…. can I demand?  Hahaha – just kidding.

And the header is a new one as well.  It took me a couple of attempts and I’m going to look for a higher quality beach image but I think it is the look I’m trying to get.  I ran through my stats today and found that 63% of visitors have a screen resolution of 1024×768 while 21% have a screen resolution of 1280×1024.  With this in mind I made the header fit both of those sizes (my old header was made for 1280×1024 and didn’t look as well on 1024 wide).

One other thing, sorry if this is boring any of you – if so just scroll down to the goodies and I will post some more goodies tomorrow, I ran through the stats for the last 12 months.

Over the last 12 months October to October there have been 1,112,375 visits to the site.

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5 Comments on "What do you think of the new look?"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hey mate, love your site but to be honest I way prefered your old banner. That one was really simple and crisp, from a design point of view it looked much more prof.


Hi! The look is cool. Just please don’t assume we fill our entire screens with a single web browser window. For instance, I usually have a couple things in the background. When I have to scroll left and right on a web page, I tend to stop visiting it. (Unless it’s *really* good.)


Like the new look sorry about your domain… we updated your blog on our blogroll over at UnderwearFanatic.com … Good Luck with the new domain name!



Hey Dude,

I like the change. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the old site, but this one is not so busy looking.

Keep up the good work,

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