Straight Aussie Couple

Since the house has been rather empty the last couple of days I invited over an Aussie couple that I know for dinner.  They are Dave and Lindsay.  I met them last season and they are back here again – they work for the resort in reservations and I met them last winter at the local pub here.  Nothing naughty unfortunately last year but they are great people and they returned to Sydney for the Aussie winter to do boring jobs in Sydney.

Gay Pool ActionToday I ran into them on the slopes and rode with them for a couple of hrs (I was on my own and trying to avoid the holidays crowds).  They are great fun and I invited them around for dinner since everyone else in the house was going to be out (I would have invited them around even if the house was full).

They rock up around 6pm – I am cooking my very famous Pork Tender Loins on a teriyaki rice.  But before I but on the meat we head up to the hot tub,  Dave and Lindsay don’t have a hot tub at their place.  As we are walking up to the hot tub (with drink in hand of course) Lindsay gives Dave (the other Dave that is) a hard time about him wearing his speedos.

What is this I ask.  It seemed like an internal joke and with the mention of speedos my ears pricket up.

Lindsay then told me that Dave was wearing his speedos because they hadn’t been able to get enuf quarters do do their laundry and thus Dave was wearing his speedos as underwear instead of boxers which he normally wears.

Now you guys know that I have been pretty darn lucky over the last month or so – could my luck extend to having this completely straight Sydney boy have a hot tub with me in his speedos?

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

Dave quickly stepped in and told me that he had his boardies but was a fan of wearing speedos under his dork shorts (I added that ‘dork shorts’ comment).  The only piece of luck I did have was watching Dave strip off his snowboard pants to his speedos and then quickly put on a pair of dork shorts.

Was a glimmer of hope though!!!

Dinner was fun and they left just as Henry and Sam got home from some work stuff.

I think Dave is 100% str8 but I think that Lindsay might have a soft spot for me – I’ve read a few body language books and just the way she was sitting and it seems she agrees with anything I say.  Just a stab in the dark and a great couple who I’ll party with a lot more as the season settles in after all these darn holidays finish.

Here are some hot tub pics for you guys to enjoy – perhaps I can get this other Dave to convert….. I’m not confident – he seems a pretty tough nut to crack but I suppose we all need to have dreams.


Gay Pool Scene


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2 comments on “Straight Aussie Couple
  1. robspeedoboi says:

    Hey Dave!

    Never mind. Maybe next time! Yes we all got to have our dreams. Keep working on Dave
    though (the other Dave lol). Something ‘hard to get’ is more rewarding if you succeed!


  2. stud says:

    how hot it would be to suck that cock underwater!!!!

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