Sucked off in the dunes

The weather wasn’t that shit hot yesterday and after going for a swim and a walk along the beach I got a call from some friends and played a round of golf (I’m terrible at golf but so were they).

Last night I was invited out to dinner which was nice but I crashed early – I’ve been sleeping well but getting up early since I’ve been here. This morning I was up at 8am (it is now nearly 10am as I write this).

Back to what I got up to yesterday morning with Sam, his blue speedos, my white speedos and our very hard cocks.

I left off with me, rock hard erection in my white AussieBum’s, rubbing Sam’s blue speedos. This was a hot position but neither of us were going to quite get ‘there’ with me rubbing his speedo covered butt cheeks. So I unstraddled Sam and told him to get on his knees.

Behind Sam I ran my right hand down the crack of his butt, through that ‘nether’ region between the arsehole and the nuts and then I had his nuts in my hand. Eager to feel his cock I moved my hand further under him and felt his cock for the first time. It was hard, it was stretching the front of his speedo and there was a hint of precum.

With my left hand now on Sam’s butt and my right hand between his legs I began rubbing the lycra that covered his cock.

From his moans I’m pretty sure Sam was enjoy this.

At first I didn’t think I’d let him cum like this but as Sam began to thrust and moan I thought, why not?

Another couple of minutes and Sam’s moaning peaked and I could feel the moistness of his cum oozing out the top of his speedo. I kept rubbing (more softly now) and dispersed the cum all over the front of his blue speedo.

What an introduction.

Now it was my turn and Sam seemed eager to please me. He got up on his knees and I got my first real good look at him – he definitely spent some time at the gym or did a lot of sit ups. His stomach was to die for!!! We were both on our knees facing each other and we began kissing.

Sam’s now cum drenched speedo was rubbing against my own speedo covered cock and it was time for me to cum. I broke off the kiss and Sam didn’t need a written invitation.

Still on my knees I leant back and gave Sam full access to my cock which he was now rubbing. I wanted it in his mouth so with one hand supporting me behind I used my free hand to pull the drawstring of my white AussieBums.

The AussieBum Coolabah’s don’t have any elastic in the waist and once the drawstring is undone my cock was free. Sam began sucking.

I think that Sam has sucked some cock before because he was fantastic. A strong sucking technique with one hand playing with my balls. I thought he might have fingered me and if he had it would have all been over but he didn’t. It was all over soon enuf as I wimpered to Sam that I was about to cum and I grabbed the back of his head.

My cock pulsed and it felt like I shot litre after litre of cum into Sam’s mouth. He took it all and after maybe 10 pulses I let him off the end of my cock. Sam then knelt up and we kissed – me tasting my warm cum in his mouth.

I think we could have played all day in the dunes but it was an overcast day and it was pretty cold in the wind. After our kiss I got up, put my shorts on and thanked Sam. He told me to give him a call or email if I wanted to do it again – I think I should give him a call.

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3 comments on “Sucked off in the dunes
  1. Jay says:

    Sounds like you’re having a damn good time over in Australia! I’m sure the weather there beats the expectations you get from living in Auckland… fine and sunny when you wake, clouded over for the rest of the day!

    Love the posts 🙂

  2. Binick says:

    Thanks Dave,
    I really needed that!
    Some day we will meet like that, I promise.

  3. Dave Evans says:


    I think I should just have enuf money so I can travel the world meeting readers of this blog just like that.


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