Underwater Speedo Photo

Yes it is after 4am in the morning and no I am not up early…. I’m up late again. I think this week gone by has been the busiest I have ever had. That being the case I haven’t been to the pool and I’m still fantastising about Tom in the showers at the pool but I won’t get a chance probably until Monday (he has weekends off). Thankfully I have finished everything I need to do and I’m going to have a nice relaxing weekend.

Matt has told me about some hot spring only an hour and a half drive (plus a 2hr walk) from here so if the weather holds I might head up there on Sunday with a book, a scotch or 3 and a pair of speedos.

Sorry for not being too bubbly – time to get some sleep and I’ll talk to you guys more tomorrow (I mean later today).

This pic was posted yesterday on the WhiteSpeedos.com forum.

A new addition to my favourite speedo pics of all time I think.

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