Anal Sex with Alex

I think you guys have been enjoying my sexcerpades with Alex over the last couple of months.

I know I have been.

I’ve really been trying to take things slow, not to scare him, not to push him further than he wants to go and that can be tiresome sometimes BUT I know how I felt when I was exploring my gay site (not until my late teens).  I actually think that if Alex and I were both 19yo then this wouldn’t happen because neither of us would have the confidence/courage (neither are quite the right word) to explore as we are.

One day Alex mentioned to me his ‘Sexual Bucket List’, not a final list but a starting point.

  • To feel me cum in his mouth (not sure about swallowing just yet) – DONE
  • Work towards being fucked – WORKING ON IT
  • Threesome with 2 guys – DONE
  • Being tied up and have 2 guys fuck him one after the other

I suppose technically Alex has been fucked in the arse BUTT (hehe) I didn’t really trust at all and just got it in past the head.

Earlier today I got a text from Alex saying:

Dave, up for some fun tomorrow morning. I think I’m ready.

Now I’m not sure I really want Alex’s first time being tied up and fucked to be with 2 guys (Kip would be OK, I know he’d take it slow) but I might try this with Alex on my own tomorrow.  My text back to Alex:

I’m not tied up at all tomorrow morning, but can’t say the same for you.

And Alex’s reply.

Looking forward to it, cya at 10.

OMG, how horny do you think I am now!!!!  I’ve had a busy weekend, nothing naughty or even horny and now I am completely boned up.  I really think I’m going to try and hold off.  It is going to be hard though.

I’m hard right now.

OK, I’m going to go for a swim in the ocean.  I might have to wear boardies over my speedos since I’m so hard.

Hope you guys are excited as I am.

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4 Users Responded in " Anal Sex with Alex "

Sam Speedo said,  

Reckon I’d happily ride #1’s cock any day! What an awesome piece of equipment! Love his muscles too . . .

Good luck with the morning sesh with Alex, Dave. Sounds like you’ll both have a great time.

Hope the boardies covered your bulge in the surf . . .

DeepKisser said,  

Sounds like Alex is ready for you to be balls deep inside him. Good for him, he should relax and enjoy.

Dave Evans said,  


My favourite pic is actually number 2…. obviously a screen shot from a movie but that hard cock in a wet speedo is what I love!!!


Sam Speedo said,  

Yeah . . . like it a lot myself, too! That speedo is absolutely straining to keen that hard cock inside!

Very, very hot!!

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