Are square cuts a gateway to speedos?

Speedos aren’t seen too often here on the beach although they are seen at the pool.

My str8 mates own speedos and wear them under their footy shorts when playing touch and wear them under their wetsuits and boardies when out in the surf.

On the beach here I haven’t seen many younger guys wear speedos or square cuts but I wonder if square cuts became more popular, they could be used as a stepping stone for guys to wear speedos more often in public.

Alex told me that the first couple of times he went to the pool for lap swimming that he wore jammers.  Once he felt comfortable and saw other guys in speedos he was brave enough to speedo it up?

What do you guys think?

Big Boy in SpeedosBlue Square CutsRed Speedo GuysBig BoyBig Guy

5 Users Responded in " Are square cuts a gateway to speedos? "

Pete25 said,  

Depending on the square cut I would think. Sometimes as in pictures 2 and 3 they are just as sexy as a speedo – sometimes even more so. Just an uneducated opinion.

Sam Speedo said,  

Yeah . . . pic 3 is pretty hot, eh! I’d like to think square cuts might be a gateway to speedos but I’ve got my doubts. In the local swimming club about 3 of the squad use speedos, the rest use jammers. Two of the local triathletes use speedos, the rest use square cuts or jammers. There’s no interest (so far) in moving away from what they currently use.

ps1541 said,  

I think the only one that looks good is Photo 5. The other ones don’t look like they fit right and the guys would look a lot better in a speedo, even if it was a “conservative” one. Photos 1-4 are what I owuld call “half pregnant” speedos.

Dave Evans said,  


I agree with you a bit there mate. I’ve never found a square cut that fit right. They kind of bunched up between my legs too much.

I’ve already got some great speedo photos for tomorrow so stay tuned.


Darren said,  

I agree with Pete25, as I would as we appear to like the same.

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