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Square Cut Speedos

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It has been too long since I posted but I did give you guys a lot to digest and read with two fantastic stories.

The weather has been pretty crappy the last week with the remains of the cyclone, it has meant the surf has been pretty big.  The boys are 10x (maybe 100x better surfers than I am so yesterday morning, I left the board on the beach and just went out for a swim in my wetsuit).  No working on the speedo tan for a little while by the looks of things, I’ve got some friends up on the Gold Coast where I grew up who had some flooding but nothing they haven’t seen before.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to post about to today and the mail man just came and he has some square cuts that I ordered from AussieBum (I don’t get any love from AussieBum at all but these were on sale).  I really like them!!!  They actually fit great and I’m wearing them as I sit here typing this blog post.

A couple of months ago I received a pair of square cuts from Mensuas (those guys are great – just google Mensuas to find them) and unfortunately they were just a little too small but I loved them too.  Over the years I’ve tried to find square cuts as a bit of a ‘bridge’ between dork shorts and speedos but they have just never seemed to fit right, they bunch up in the crotch or they are too low in the back and I’m sporting a plumbers crack.  This week I’ll get some photos of my new square cuts and share them with you guys (I only share selfies with the members – that was the original idea of the members area, somewhere I could share more ‘personal’/’intimate’ things that I didn’t really want 100% public.

Speaking of square cuts and membership – I’m working on a new movie.  It has square cuts in it, one of the models doesn’t really do it for me, but they are poolside and wearing skimpy swimwear so I’m a fan.  I am a fan of this guy……

Square Cut Speedo SwimwearGay Guy in Swimwear

You guys (members) will be able to watch this movie tomorrow – they don’t keep their square cuts on very long unfortunately, but it is still some hot HD action.

Gay Swimwear Fetish Porn Movie

April 2nd, 2017

Speedos or Square Cuts?

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Surprisingly, I feel pretty good this morning.  Yesterday was a long day with Bathurst and then the Presidents Cup golf ending at about the same time.

At one point there were 20 people in my little backyard (my backyard backs right onto the beach so there was enough room).  All day we were jumping in the ocean and just chilling out – there were lots of shirtless Aussie guys of course.

This morning I’m getting stuck into some work, then I’m going to go to the pool and hopefully get to fuck Alex in the change rooms (we tried to do it last week but there were too many people around).

I have 4 speedo model shoots to add this morning and this is the first one which I thought I’d share with you guys – he is hot but I think he looks hottest in the speedos, not the square cuts.

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October 11th, 2015

Do you like these models better?

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I agreed with your comments on yesterday’s post, that guy just didn’t do it for me either even though I love the red speedos.

How about these guys?  Do you like them more?  I love that they are both smiling.

I’m feeling much better today and I think I have this cold pretty much licked.  My nose isn’t blocked for the first time in 4 days which is probably why I slept better last night.  I feel like this week I’ve been a complete hermit so tonight I’m going to at least go down to the pub for a drink just to get out of the house.

Hope you guys like these speedo models a little more.

Tomorrow I’ll have some new speedo movies for you guys to enjoy.

Square Cut SwimwearMale Squarecut SwimwearSucking CockGuys Sucking Cock

April 23rd, 2015

Are square cuts a gateway to speedos?

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Speedos aren’t seen too often here on the beach although they are seen at the pool.

My str8 mates own speedos and wear them under their footy shorts when playing touch and wear them under their wetsuits and boardies when out in the surf.

On the beach here I haven’t seen many younger guys wear speedos or square cuts but I wonder if square cuts became more popular, they could be used as a stepping stone for guys to wear speedos more often in public.

Alex told me that the first couple of times he went to the pool for lap swimming that he wore jammers.  Once he felt comfortable and saw other guys in speedos he was brave enough to speedo it up?

What do you guys think?

Big Boy in SpeedosBlue Square CutsRed Speedo GuysBig BoyBig Guy

April 25th, 2014

Are these nappies?

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Have any of you guys bought any 2wink gear?  They make swimwear and underwear and it looks like they are based in Aussie.

I’ve never seen any of their swimsuits (or underwear) in public, or in private.

Seems like they make a bunch of square cut gear which is probably a good idea – something you can get str8 guys to wear in public without being a ‘speedo’.

I’m just interested to see if anyone here had bought any of their products.


May 16th, 2013
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