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Square Cut Speedos

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Part of Kip’s package yesterday is a pair of Vuthy square cut swimwear.  Right now in my speedo collection is only 1 square cut style and it is a solid black AussieBum pair.  I really don’t wear them much at all, they seem to bunch up in the crotch even when I’m just swimming.

I think they look really hot but that bunching up and not quite as easy access as speedo cut swimwear are two pretty big negatives for me.

What do you guys think?

AussieBum Square Cuts

December 16th, 2016

Do you like these models better?

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I agreed with your comments on yesterday’s post, that guy just didn’t do it for me either even though I love the red speedos.

How about these guys?  Do you like them more?  I love that they are both smiling.

I’m feeling much better today and I think I have this cold pretty much licked.  My nose isn’t blocked for the first time in 4 days which is probably why I slept better last night.  I feel like this week I’ve been a complete hermit so tonight I’m going to at least go down to the pub for a drink just to get out of the house.

Hope you guys like these speedo models a little more.

Tomorrow I’ll have some new speedo movies for you guys to enjoy.

Square Cut SwimwearMale Squarecut SwimwearSucking CockGuys Sucking Cock

April 23rd, 2015

Interesting Tan Lines

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In the middle of adding 3 new masculine/muscle guy movies.  One of them is crazy hot!!!  Once I finish them I’ll post some screen shots here for you guys.

Otherwise just a quiet Saturday for me, I stayed in last night and I was going on a date with the Preschool Teacher chick but she cancelled yesterday, we have rescheduled.

Ow yeah, I had this pic that I wanted to show you guys, don’t you think this guys tan lines are interesting?  I can see it happening with guys who wear more Brazilian style speedos and then go to the pool and wear a more traditional cut.  My speedo tan is looking the best it has ever looked and Alex’s is looking good too, he’s told me that he has never had a speedo tan before.  Neither of us have been lying on the beach in our speedos just from swimming in the middle of the day.

Red Speedo Tan

December 12th, 2014

Men in Speedos

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Nothing to report this week regarding Alex.  We caught up for a swim yesterday and I did get a chance to ask him how he was feeling about his first gay experience last Friday.  Alex said he was cool and that he’ll organise another ‘catch up’ soon.

I was really happy about that, first that Alex wasn’t freaked out about being with a guy and secondly that he is keen on catching up again for some naughty speedo fun.

He did leave his cum soaked AussieBum’s on the floor of my shower last Friday night and I returned them to him (clean of course).

Now you guys are up to date on what is happening on that front.

Yesterday’s post had some pretty hot guys wearing square cut (some people call them Brazilian cut) swimwear so today I thought I’d post some pics of equally hot guys in speedos.

Which would you prefer?  Speedos or square cuts?  Also, which do you feel more comfortable wearing?

Real Man in SpeedosMassive Speedo ManWet AussieBumsAB Speedos

April 26th, 2014

Sore Cock and Dirty Talk

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Last night with the Texan Brunette (I saw 3:30am before we finally stopped touching each other and went to sleep.

The Nike Square cut speedos/swimwear went down a hit and popping my cock out the top of them worked fine.  I really like wearing them although a speedo does feel much more liberating.

It turns out that the Texan Brunette’s ultimate naughty fantasy is to have a threesome with two guys – I wrote about it in depth over on my blog and I won’t bore you guys with it here.

My cock needs a bit of a break but the Texan Brunette is here again tonight and Kip gets back up to the mountains on Sunday afternoon.

Here is some Saturday speedo eye candy for you guys to enjoy while I head out for lunch and maybe a beer or 4.

Hunky Speedo GuySpeedos are hotHottub Speedo

March 9th, 2013

Square Cut Speedos

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Well I couldn’t find the James Bond (Casino Royale) speedos…. click here to read that post.  The Texan Brunette told me she was a fan of the square cuts so I thought I’d try and find some.  I ended up buying some Nike ones and I really like them.  I’m going to wear them tonight and see how it goes.

Only problem with them, compared to speedos, is that it is harder to pull my cock out the leg of them.  I love fucking with my speedos on and my cock out the side but I suppose I’ll just have to put up with poking it over the top of these square cuts.

She is supposed to arrive here about 7pm tonight and Kip is down in Denver so we’ll see how much she likes it when she opens the door and see me in my new square cuts.  I’ll probably post what happened over on my bisexual blog –

Not SpeedosNot Really Speedos

March 8th, 2013
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