Do you like these models better?

I agreed with your comments on yesterday’s post, that guy just didn’t do it for me either even though I love the red speedos.

How about these guys?  Do you like them more?  I love that they are both smiling.

I’m feeling much better today and I think I have this cold pretty much licked.  My nose isn’t blocked for the first time in 4 days which is probably why I slept better last night.  I feel like this week I’ve been a complete hermit so tonight I’m going to at least go down to the pub for a drink just to get out of the house.

Hope you guys like these speedo models a little more.

Tomorrow I’ll have some new speedo movies for you guys to enjoy.

Square Cut SwimwearMale Squarecut SwimwearSucking CockGuys Sucking Cock

7 Users Responded in " Do you like these models better? "

samspeedo said,  

Yup . . . a much nice spread of facial expressions today, Dave! I loved Mr. Snarler’s red speedos yesterday, his body was pretty alright too. Shame about the snarl!

Love everything today, however! While I’m not that keen on box-cuts, what’s inside the box-cuts is sure appealing! While I like all the pics today, I kinda like #2 best.

Darren said,  

I am like samspeedo in that I do not like box cuts, but I cannot fault the contents. Who would not have a smile on his face if you knew what was in store.

vasy said,  

perfect ;;Sexual and sensual…specialy the boy on second pic..and he has a beautiful mouth on the third pic..

Darren said,  

Vasy, when are we going to chat on the chatline I told you about.

Tiffani (xoxo) said,  

More yum!
xoxo Tiff

Anonymous said,  

Yes. MUCH better and hotter. They look like men. 😉

Tiffani (xoxo) said,  

Second to last pic: that cock has the cutest curve.
xoxo Tiff (reiterating her “Yum” sentiment)

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