Are there gay mormons?

In about an hour Kip and I are going to get in the car and start heading towards Park City, Utah for a week of snowboarding and from there I’m going to fly back to Aussie.  The trip has been awesome and I’m excited to check out Park City, I’ve never been there.

Kip has organized it all so there will be snowboarding, hottubbing, work (it gets in the way of things but I have nothing to complain about) and hopefully some speedo sex.

What is the Mormon view on speedo sex?  I honestly have no idea.

Our plan is to get to Salt Lake City tonight, maybe party a little bit (if they do that in Salt Lake City), then cruise up to the mountains on Sunday afternoon, maybe get some turns in or at least be ready to rock on Monday morning.

If anyone has any advice on either Salt Lake City or Park City I’m all ears, and if you are a member and nearby I’d love to grab a beer…. at least.

Sandy Speedo Bum

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Dr. Phil said,  

There are gay Mormons, just like there is gay/bi/etc. “everything”; however, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not believe that people who are gay should be gay, and that if they tried harder they can overcome it. They do believe in conversion therapy and other very unpleasant things.

(I think it’s also hard for them to do speedos given that they’re supposed to wear the “temple garment,” i.e. the “magic underwear” that would make your great-grandfather from the late 1800s say “That’s a bit boring.”)

All of that having been said: in Salt Lake City, you’ll find the most liberal people in Utah, and a rather large and active gay community, composed of people from all over, but also gay current and ex-Mormons. So, you should be all right. Elsewhere in the state? I’d advise caution.

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