Aussie Speedo Saturday

What they hell, I’m up early on a Sunday writing on my blog!!!

I suppose I owe you guys a little bit for being kinda slack lately.  It isn’t intentional, having guests in the house and I have had a tonne of movies to get online which really have been amazing.  And my sex life has been pretty lame.

I received a text from the Grindr Speedo Guy saying he had a great time and anytime he was on the coast he’d let me know, and said if I was in the city I should let him know (if you missed what happened – click here to read that old post).  That was more words than he actually spoke when he fucked me and I came on him – hehehe.

Yesterday, Saturday, was awesome.  The weather was great, the boys came over for a surf first thing (it is usually a Sunday thing but there is a wedding that most of the boys are invited to today – old school friends that I’ve met but don’t know well enough to get an invite).  After our morning surf I had a coldish outdoor shower in my speedos then pretty much spent the rest of the day wearing nothing more.

Speaking of Aussie guys in speedos, what do you think of this guy?

Aussie SpeedosAussie Speedo Man

4 Users Responded in " Aussie Speedo Saturday "

SpeedoBro said,  

What do I think of this guy? I think this guy is the motherfucking BOMB!!

Dr. Phil said,  

I like the second photo better than the first…he’s not bad, but still too hairy for my tastes (which don’t extend to eating hair).

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

To me that is the quintessential Aussie man. As long as his balls are shaved, I’m OK with that chest hair – I’m starting to get some it myself.

In 10 years time, I want to be this guy. And if I’m not good enough for you Dr. Phil – hahahaha. I bet you wouldn’t kick me out of bed mate.


Dr. Phil said,  

In 10 years time, Dave, I won’t be kicking anyone out of bed! 😉

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