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Cute Aussie Speedo Guy

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Long time readers of my blog will have seen pics of this Aussie Speedo Guy Shannon.  He is super hot and has been posting pics of himself looking amazing in speedos and AussieBums on and off for the last decade or so.

I think he is just gorgeous.  He was in London when I was there back in September and I reached out to him but he didn’t reply and we have never had any direct contact.

He did fuck the famous ‘Hawaii Speedo Student’ when he was travelling in the USA a few years ago and I have to admit to fantasizing about watching those two guys fucking in speedos.  I’ve also fantastized about joining those two guys in a speedo threesome – OMG, I’ve got a stirring in my speedos at the mention of that (click here to see pics of the Hawaii Speedo Student).

Anyways, I thought I’d share some photos of Shannon so you guys can get a stirring in your speedo.

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Shannon Boh's Red SpeedoShannon Boh in Speedos

July 26th, 2019

Aussie Rugby Player in Red Speedos

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OMG, I have told you guys before that real men wear speedos…. here is Australian Rugby player Quade Cooper hanging out with Australian Miss Universe Laura Dundovic wearing a perfectly fitting red speedo.

Quade Cooper has a reputation for being a bit of a dick in Australia but he is a Queenslander (the State I grew up in), he is happy wearing red speedos in public and his taste in women is fantastic.  I think Quade Cooper is a bloody legend!!!

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Rugby Player in Red Speedos

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December 14th, 2016

Beautiful Morning

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How cow, it is a beautiful morning here on the NSW coast.

I’ve just finished some of my morning chores and I’m going to go for a walk along the beach.  Unfortunately, me going for a walk only wearing my speedos isn’t quite the done thing which is a shame.  I will just wear a pair of boardies and speedo under them (no shirt, no socks).  My walk will be up past Wamby to the point, then back, past my place into Terrigal itself.  Stop in at the bakery for some fresh bread rolls and if the fish shop is open I’ll grab a kilo of pawns for lunch (no they are not called shrimp).

When I get back to my place I will loose my boardies and go for a swim  (I’m wearing my black ADIDAS speedos – I’m really loving them these days, they fit just perfect).  The rest of the afternoon I will be working on adding a tonne of new movies – they will be live tomorrow and I will be posting about it.

Another day in the live of Dave Evans.

If anyone is in the neighbourhood, say g’day to a guy walking shirtless down the beach.

So this photo, they are AussieBums but they are underwear, not speedos.  I once had the white pair on the right, a little tight fit but they do look awesome.

I hope you guys are excited about some speedo porn movies tomorrow – hahaha.

AussieBum Undies

September 27th, 2016

Aussie Speedo Saturday

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What they hell, I’m up early on a Sunday writing on my blog!!!

I suppose I owe you guys a little bit for being kinda slack lately.  It isn’t intentional, having guests in the house and I have had a tonne of movies to get online which really have been amazing.  And my sex life has been pretty lame.

I received a text from the Grindr Speedo Guy saying he had a great time and anytime he was on the coast he’d let me know, and said if I was in the city I should let him know (if you missed what happened – click here to read that old post).  That was more words than he actually spoke when he fucked me and I came on him – hehehe.

Yesterday, Saturday, was awesome.  The weather was great, the boys came over for a surf first thing (it is usually a Sunday thing but there is a wedding that most of the boys are invited to today – old school friends that I’ve met but don’t know well enough to get an invite).  After our morning surf I had a coldish outdoor shower in my speedos then pretty much spent the rest of the day wearing nothing more.

Speaking of Aussie guys in speedos, what do you think of this guy?

Aussie SpeedosAussie Speedo Man

September 24th, 2016

3 Aussie Foursome

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Last night went pretty well as I expected – the Aussie’s came around after dinner and along with Kip the four of us started in the hottub with all of us wearing speedos.

Kip’s hottub isn’t that big and there was no getting around some unintentional contact between the four of us which quickly turned into intentional contact between us.  We kind of paired off with Kip and one of the Aussie’s and me with the other.  After we were all feeling a little more relieved we just chilled out in the hottub for a while, speedos still on surprisingly.

As we got out of the tub I kinda wanted to fuck the other Aussie that Kip had been playing with earlier so we ended up going into my room.

It was the first time I’ve been fucked since last Friday and the fivesome and it felt great although I did need a week to recover – hahaha.

Speedo Tan Sex 69Speedo FunGay Pool Sex

February 24th, 2015

100% Aussie

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Kip has been here for just a week now and holy cow has he been immersed in Aussie culture!!!

It is super late here and I’m writing this post as Kip is passed out after another huge day.

We were up early this morning for a surf with the boys, Kip is not a surfer and I think his poor arms were about to fall off by the time we were finished – he loved it though and he is getting to know all my mates here.

Then we had lunch at the local RSL club (returned services league – hard one to explain to non-Aussie’s).  Then we played 9 holes – Kip is a much better golfer than I will ever be.  From the golf club everyone came back to my place to keep drinking and we watched the Bledisloe Cup – a rugby game between Australia (Wallabies) and New Zealand (All Blacks) which turned out to be a draw.

After the rugby everyone was feeling warm and fuzzy (might have been the Bundy Rum – a local dark rum called Bundaburg – that we had been drinking since golf).  So we all walked the 200 yards down the street to the local pub.

Everyone thinks Kips accent is thick although he is a Colorado native and I don’t think he has much of an accent at all.  But he had fun and got talking to random people which he thought was hillarious considering when I’m in Colorado I’m the point of difference with my accent.

On leaving the pub we grabbed some kebabs, an ancient Aussie tradition and walked back along the beach to my place.

I think Sunday is going to be a lazy day.

It is so much fun looking after Kip, he has been a wonderful host to me when I’ve been in Colorado and it is wonderful to return the favour.

Red Speedo in the Pool

August 16th, 2014
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