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Swimwear or Underwear?

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Is this guy wearing speedos or underwear?  Just before I typed that, I noticed that it says ‘Swimwear’ on the waistband but they do look a little in between.

A pet hate of mine is seeing any guy going swimming (pool or ocean or hottub) wearing underwear.  Pretty disgusting if you ask me.  But then again, 95% of the time I’m wearing speedos under my street clothes so I’m already ready to strip down to a speedo and get in the water.

Swimwear Underwear

May 20th, 2019

Free Underwear

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Does anyone else have a hangover from the US Election?  I know people who have hangovers from being gutted/disappointed, but I also know so people who have a hangover from celebrating and are optimistic.

This blog is about speedos and I’m sure everyone has had to deal with the social media barrage over the last couple of days so I’m going to keep me mouth shut on the topic (I don’t get to vote in the US election so my opinion has zero weighting as well).  And I hate it when celebrities or athletes come out and talk politics – I’m a celebrity right?

On to some awesome news – I received an email from the guys over at Mensuas ( – copy/paste that address) and they have a new line of underwear called ‘Daddy’.  It is mostly jockstraps and g-strings/thongs.  To promote ‘Daddy’ they have offered me 10 pairs, to the first 10 new monthly members.  Anything in the ‘Daddy’ line, it is all yours.

A free pair of Daddy underwear for the first 10 new monthly members on

Monthly membership is $29.95 – pair of Daddy including shipping – it is like a free pair of undies, or a free month of watching 100 hours of speedo porn.

Here is part of the selection or go here to check it all out –

Daddy Underwear

I’m going to pick out a pair – I really like the last ones and to my pleasant surprise, they are a jockstrap!!!  Right now, I don’t have a jockstrap in my speedo drawer.

Daddy UnderwearDaddy Jockstrap

But these also come in red – which do you think I should get?

Red Male Jockstrap

November 11th, 2016

Beautiful Morning

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How cow, it is a beautiful morning here on the NSW coast.

I’ve just finished some of my morning chores and I’m going to go for a walk along the beach.  Unfortunately, me going for a walk only wearing my speedos isn’t quite the done thing which is a shame.  I will just wear a pair of boardies and speedo under them (no shirt, no socks).  My walk will be up past Wamby to the point, then back, past my place into Terrigal itself.  Stop in at the bakery for some fresh bread rolls and if the fish shop is open I’ll grab a kilo of pawns for lunch (no they are not called shrimp).

When I get back to my place I will loose my boardies and go for a swim  (I’m wearing my black ADIDAS speedos – I’m really loving them these days, they fit just perfect).  The rest of the afternoon I will be working on adding a tonne of new movies – they will be live tomorrow and I will be posting about it.

Another day in the live of Dave Evans.

If anyone is in the neighbourhood, say g’day to a guy walking shirtless down the beach.

So this photo, they are AussieBums but they are underwear, not speedos.  I once had the white pair on the right, a little tight fit but they do look awesome.

I hope you guys are excited about some speedo porn movies tomorrow – hahaha.

AussieBum Undies

September 27th, 2016

Wet Underwear

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When I was at Kip’s, one night we were hanging out at his place with some mates of his (a gay couple, they are in a monogamous relationship).  We all decided to hottub and one of the guys didn’t bring any swimming attire and wanted to get in wearing his underwear.

It was kind of gross, we had been snowboarding and skiing all day and this guy wanted to get in wearing his undies.

Kip and I both had extra speedos of course which we offered him and he still wanted to go in his underwear.  Finally we convinced him and he wore a pair of Kip’s AussieBums which looked great and Kip let him keep them.

I’ve seen this before in hotel hottubs with guys getting in wearing underwear and I think it is kinda gross.

The guys pictured below look pretty good in their wet undies but I’d personally prefer them to be wearing speedos. What do you guys think?

Wet White BriefsWet UnderwearWet Black BriefsWet UndiesWet Briefs

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May 23rd, 2015

Just imagine

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OMG I’ve been flat out busy and I got a bloody cold.  How can I get a cold just as the weather is warming up?  Grrrrrr

It isn’t too bad and I’ve over the worst of it and should be back to 100% by the end of the week.

That is kinda boring and a downer when you guys come here to read about my speedo adventures and see pics of hot guys.

So, do you guys ever see a couple, either a str8 couple or a gay couple doesn’t matter and wonder what goes on in their bedroom.  Some of my str8 mates and I will joke about a hot chick who seems a little high maintenance and comment that we think there would be too much going on under the sheets.

I remember one winter in Canada meeting this chick, I can’t remember her name but whatever it was we used to called her Anal Mary (or whatever it was).  Turns out this chick who seemed very straight laces, library nerd kinda of thing, turns out she was an absolute Minx in the bed and loved anal sex.  That is one thing I would never have guessed.

So look at thee guys, I wish they were both wearing speedos instead of just the guy on the right, but I just wonder what these two get up to…… any thoughts?

One quick message, there have been a bunch of new members on in the last couple of days.  I hope you guys are enjoying the site, I really appreciate your support and there in another hour of movies that I’ve uploaded and I will sort and make live in the next 24hrs.

Gay Couple - Speedos and Undies

November 11th, 2014

What do these white speedos look like?

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One must be careful with white speedos – wouldn’t want them to look like tightie whities.  These guys are hot but it kinda looks like they are wearing undies.

I’ve got some fun stuff to share with you guys tomorrow.  Talk to you guys then.

Sexy White SpeedoHot White Speedos

September 3rd, 2014
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