Swimwear or Underwear?

Is this guy wearing speedos or underwear?  Just before I typed that, I noticed that it says ‘Swimwear’ on the waistband but they do look a little in between.

A pet hate of mine is seeing any guy going swimming (pool or ocean or hottub) wearing underwear.  Pretty disgusting if you ask me.  But then again, 95% of the time I’m wearing speedos under my street clothes so I’m already ready to strip down to a speedo and get in the water.

Swimwear Underwear

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rbmcobra said,  

I know, I hate it when guys wear underwear under their shorts in my hot tub. It foams up the water. I made mine a speedos only hot tub because of that!

daddybear54 said,  

Don’t know about down under, but the big thing here is guys wearing their dork shorts with the waistband of the underwear showing above the shorts — gotta brag about what brand of deluxe undies they’re shoveling out good money for!

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