Wet Underwear

When I was at Kip’s, one night we were hanging out at his place with some mates of his (a gay couple, they are in a monogamous relationship).  We all decided to hottub and one of the guys didn’t bring any swimming attire and wanted to get in wearing his underwear.

It was kind of gross, we had been snowboarding and skiing all day and this guy wanted to get in wearing his undies.

Kip and I both had extra speedos of course which we offered him and he still wanted to go in his underwear.  Finally we convinced him and he wore a pair of Kip’s AussieBums which looked great and Kip let him keep them.

I’ve seen this before in hotel hottubs with guys getting in wearing underwear and I think it is kinda gross.

The guys pictured below look pretty good in their wet undies but I’d personally prefer them to be wearing speedos. What do you guys think?

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Spear said,  

Wet skimpy white briefs are sexy as hell. Been jacking in my wet ones since I figured out what my dick was for.. Nothing more fun than a guy in the shower with me wearing his skimpy whites

samspeedo said,  

Nah . . . when there’s a world of speedos out there . . . why would you wear anything else (particularly tighty whities) in the shower or hot tub?????

The cotton fabric in undies tends to go limp and out-of-shape for starters! It sags and billows around you, too. Guys who have been wearing undies around all day, have sweaty and smelly underwear on ’em!

Nah . . . change out of them and put on a cleaner pair of speedos! Hop in the tub and enjoy an even hotter time with your mates, everytime. You’ll find the speedos will come off a lot more quickly and easily, than soggy cotton underwear!

Dr. Phil said,  

Yes, the hygienic dimensions of this question alone are kind of deal-breaking.

House rules on hot tubs should be in effect: speedos or you don’t get in.

(Many European swimming pools have a similar rule, to make sure no guys who have been wearing boardies all day around town then get in the pool wearing them, and probably dirty skivvies underneath as well. Yuck.)

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

I’ve seen signs and heard online guys talk about a ‘speedo only’ policy at pool. I like it.

When I began high school it seemed like speedos were compulsory but by the time I graduated that rule seems to have been lost unfortunately.

Bring it back I say.


Spear said,  

I wasn’t talking about wearing week old shit stained undies. It’s about CLEAN tight ones that show a guys ass inside them when they get wet.

Different strokes different folks guys

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