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Wet Underwear

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When I was at Kip’s, one night we were hanging out at his place with some mates of his (a gay couple, they are in a monogamous relationship).  We all decided to hottub and one of the guys didn’t bring any swimming attire and wanted to get in wearing his underwear.

It was kind of gross, we had been snowboarding and skiing all day and this guy wanted to get in wearing his undies.

Kip and I both had extra speedos of course which we offered him and he still wanted to go in his underwear.  Finally we convinced him and he wore a pair of Kip’s AussieBums which looked great and Kip let him keep them.

I’ve seen this before in hotel hottubs with guys getting in wearing underwear and I think it is kinda gross.

The guys pictured below look pretty good in their wet undies but I’d personally prefer them to be wearing speedos. What do you guys think?

Wet White BriefsWet UnderwearWet Black BriefsWet UndiesWet Briefs

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May 23rd, 2015

White Calvin Klein Briefs

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I wear speedos as underwear pretty much all the time.  I do have 2 pairs of Calvin Klein boxers and one pair of white CK briefs.  Today I wore those briefs and they have to be the only pair of underwear or speedos that are designed for the ‘cock down’ position.

I suppose the Cock Jocks speedos obviously force your to go more ‘cock out’.  Has anyone here got a pair of these undies and what do you think?

Here is a movie of a Czech guy in his white Calvin Klein briefs.

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August 21st, 2012
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