Just imagine

OMG I’ve been flat out busy and I got a bloody cold.  How can I get a cold just as the weather is warming up?  Grrrrrr

It isn’t too bad and I’ve over the worst of it and should be back to 100% by the end of the week.

That is kinda boring and a downer when you guys come here to read about my speedo adventures and see pics of hot guys.

So, do you guys ever see a couple, either a str8 couple or a gay couple doesn’t matter and wonder what goes on in their bedroom.  Some of my str8 mates and I will joke about a hot chick who seems a little high maintenance and comment that we think there would be too much going on under the sheets.

I remember one winter in Canada meeting this chick, I can’t remember her name but whatever it was we used to called her Anal Mary (or whatever it was).  Turns out this chick who seemed very straight laces, library nerd kinda of thing, turns out she was an absolute Minx in the bed and loved anal sex.  That is one thing I would never have guessed.

So look at thee guys, I wish they were both wearing speedos instead of just the guy on the right, but I just wonder what these two get up to…… any thoughts?

One quick message, there have been a bunch of new members on SwimmerBoyz.com in the last couple of days.  I hope you guys are enjoying the site, I really appreciate your support and there in another hour of movies that I’ve uploaded and I will sort and make live in the next 24hrs.

Gay Couple - Speedos and Undies

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Dr. Phil said,  

They’re both hot, and I approve of them being together, and of their choice of garments in this case (I think both the speedo and the trunks are Andrew Christian, if my vision has not completely failed me yet!).

Gentleman on the left regularly plows gentleman on the right’s arse, but sometimes gets annoyed with him when he mentions over dinner with their mates that sometimes when the blondie is sucking him off, he likes a finger or two in his arse, because then it makes his image of being a “total top” look less consistent.

But, what do I know? 😉

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