Aussie Speedo Success

On Friday I sacked up and wore my Aussie Turbo speedos to the local pool here in Breckenridge.

I was the only person I saw wearing speedos and nobody seemed to care…..  or did they?

Barely an hour after I got home from my swim I received an email from Josh who was at the pool and did notice.

Josh lives near Breck and hadn’t heard of me or my sites before but after seeing me at the pool he just googled Aussie speedos trying to find out what type of speedos I was wearing and stumbled across this blog, the stumbled across my site and 5 minutes later, joined a porn site for the first time.

It was within 5 minutes of joining that Josh came in the speedos he was wearing at the time watching the movie below……

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Dr. Phil said,  

Well done, Dave!

Two more recruits and you get a toaster, right? 😉

Never underestimate the power of one person wearing a speedo in public–it can change the world! And that’s change we can all believe in, eh?

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

One small speedo on a man, one speedo movement for mankind.


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