Beach Speedo Photos

Quick post before Kip and I hit the road for the drive to Jindabyne – should take us 7hrs or so and we hope to get there just before dark.

We are super excited and it will be great for Kip to see some more of Australia.

Our speedos are packed, our snowboards are packed…..

Since we are off to the snow, I thought I’d post some pics of guys at the beach.  Hopefully the weather will be nicer by the time we get back.  If you want more speedo photos – check out the ‘Speedo Photo of the Day’ – there are more than 700 speedo photos over there which I personally pick each morning.  There are some PG rated pics but also some X-Rated speedo pics over there as well.

Click here to check it out –

Fluro Green SpeedoClassic Red SpeedosSpeedo Model on the BeachBlue Speedos on ModelBeautiful Beach

3 Users Responded in " Beach Speedo Photos "

Dr. Phil said,  

I’d happily have any of these fellows over for a hot tub party…Now, to just get a hot tub. 😉

electric2010 said,  

The first pic in flourescent green… WOW!

Can’t wait to hear stories from your snowboarding trip. Have a great time.

k1speedo said,  

What a great bunch of pics, the guy in the flouro green speedos really pulls it off but cant see myself wearing anything that bright. Love the blue/white speedos in the 4th pic and the guy is pretty hot too.

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