Beards and Speedos

I have never really been cool, in school I was a bit of a computer nerd, I’m sure I’m not very trendy when I dress.

There are a few things I have missed, or am currently missing in the fashion world.  That whole XXXX thing for starters – I don’t quite understand guys spending hours trying to LOOK/appear like they didn’t spend anytime getting dressed.  I’ve never really got the tattoo thing which I think you guys have heard me talk about and these days I don’t get the whole facial hair/beard thing.

I don’t have to shave every day for my work and shaving ever day would be a pain but after not shaving for a week it gets kind of messy and itchy if you ask me (same with pubic hair too).  When I don’t shave and I’m swimming laps I actually cause a little rash on my shoulders from breathing which is pretty funny.

Saying that…. this guy look fantastic in his speedo….. (this guy is tomorrows ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ but I thought I’d share him a day early).

Would love to hear what you guys think so leave a comment (you can leave a comment anonymously).

Beards and SpeedosSpeedo Beard

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Dr. Phil said,  

I was saying this very thing yesterday…I was in the trendy gay neighborhood in Seattle, and just like nearly everywhere else currently, all the guys had beards, and some of them had large ones like this.


The body and the speedo could be right, but having a beard like this would be a no-go for me. A small bit of facial hair can look good, in my opinion, but what is being done these days just has no appeal for me whatsoever.

Dr. Phil said,  

Speaking of bearded guys in speedos: did you hear about the Spanish water polo Olympic athlete who just came out?

Here’s a link to a story on it, with several photos of him in the proper attire for that sport (yay!):

samspeedo said,  


No to beards and speedos!

Yay to Spanish water polo Olympians who come out!

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