Birdie Beach Speedo Day

OK guys, looks like a this afternoon, a beach threesome is on the cards.  I know you guys suggested in your comments to work on Alex’s anal skills first but this should be pretty hot and Tim is experienced enuf to take it slow with Alex.

Alex can get this afternoon off and Tim is taking it off as well.  The three of us are going to meet at my place and drive up to Birdie Beach.  We’ll find a quiet place a little south of the carpark and see what the three of us can get up to in our speedos.

Things that I’ve packed:

  • Speedos
  • Condoms
  • Lube
  • Beach towel
  • Picnic blanket
  • Sun screen
  • Beer/Liquor
  • Water
  • Camera?  Nah probably not but maybe

I think that is about it.

Alex is super excited about his first threesome and I haven’t had sex on the beach since I got back.

Guys in Speedo Swimwear

I nearly forgot, after you guys suggested that I cum on my AussieBum Portsea’s I did and took a pic – pic didn’t come out that good but you get what was going on.

After I cummed in them, I put them on and went for a quick swim in the surf.

Creamed AussieBums

8 Users Responded in " Birdie Beach Speedo Day "

electric2010 said,  

I can’t wait to hear the results. Have fun!

Darren said,  

Have a great afternoon. I would be happy to be on the beach with any of the guys in your pic. They are all wearing great speedos.

Randy said,  

Aussiebum Portseas are so hot. Wish those were mine, and that I was wearing them when you did that to them.

Ryan said,  

Ditto what Randy said. You can never ruin a good pair of Speedos, either. Either way, they’re keepers.

Randy said,  

Ryan, “ruin” is just an expression. It just meant he’s going to splatter his hot boy goo all over them, and he did a pretty good job 🙂

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks for the translation – last Friday I ruined a pair with honey….. then let Alex lick it off my cock.

Ryan said,  

I would have paid to see that.

john dee said,  

I’d love to wear those Aussiebum’s after you while they were warm and wet with your jizz , great turn on for me hehehe

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