Final Speedo Close Up

Darn we have been working a bunch this week.  I don’t know about you guys but when I’m working hard, like 14 hour days, I am no where near as horny as I am when I’m chilling out a bit more.  The weather hasn’t been great this last week either.

Once I publish this post Kip and I are going for a swim.  Kip still isn’t 100% comfortable wearing speedos in public but I’ll make sure he wears them for the 100m walk from my back door to the ocean.

Did you guys like the week of speedo close ups?

Blue Speedo on the Beach

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k1speedo said,  

What a great week of close ups Dave, love them all.

The thing about wearing speedos in public is the more you do it the more comfortable you become. I know the first few times I wore them in public I was so self conscious and embarrassed but I gradually got over it. I still won’t wear white or really colourful speedos in public nor the really skimpy ones like the guy in your header haha, he is one of the few who can pull off that speedo.

electric2010 said,  

It was a fantastic week of close ups! Thanks.

Hope you & kip had some fun after your swim.

Dave Evans said,  


You are dead right mate, even when I go to a new pool wearing speedos the first time is a little nervous but once you get into the habit it is no probs.

I also agree with you regarding the ‘acceptability’ of speedos. I don’t wear my ‘gayer’ speedos in public that often and I’m OK with that.


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