First Gay Experience

I’m not going to talk about the rugby today except say congrats to my Kiwi mates on their victory.

The other day I was talking to a new blog member and he told me that his first gay experience came when he was 30yo.  He was sitting in a spa at a gym/pool complex, he was wearing a speedo and didn’t think much of it since he was lap swimming.  While sitting in the pool, another guy in a speedo joined him.  After a while, the guy brushed his hand against his leg.  The guy didn’t flinch and he touched his leg again, this time letting it rise up to the front of his speedo.

Then they ended up jerking each other off under water in the spa.

Hearing him tell this story was pretty hot and it got me reminiscing about my first gay experience.  I don’t think I’ve ever written about it in detail but I think I will.

The guy who I had my first gay experiences with knows that I run gay sites but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know the exact address. If I get some time later today I might sit down with a drink, in my speedos and think back to where it all started.  Yes, speedos were involved of course.

Mutual Masturbation in Speedos

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