Fuck I needed

It was great to read your comments yesterday guys.  I loved K1’s story about jerking off in the car he was that horny.

The guy that I had found on Grindr piked on me but Tim read my blog post and dropped me a text.  Tim was there when Alex had his first threesome and first fuck but Tim has been travelling and been out of town so I didn’t even think of him.

It was great, Tim couldn’t come over until after work and I was incredibly horny ALL DAY LONG but I managed to hold off.

So Tim arrived a bit after 5 and I was wearing nothing but a speedo.  Tim said he would have a quick shower and that I better be ready when he got out.

When Tim came out of the shower I was in the kitchen, now 100% hard in a pair of black lycra speedo brand speedos.  Tim called out from my bedroom and I walked in and saw him on all fours telling me to fuck away!!!  I grabbed a condom and squirted some lube down his crack and without wasting a second I slipped my cock all the way inside him.

2 more strokes and I was done!!!

Hahahaha, I told you I was horny.

Speedo Anal Sex

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