Great Tan Lines

Just a quick post today guys, a friend sent me through this photo and I think it is awesome.

Ow and I heard that Thorpey (Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe) came out.  Really?  I’m always the last person to hear about these things and I thought he was already out.  I had no doubt in the world that Thorpey was gay 10 years ago or whenever he was at the peak of his swimming career.

Everyone knows, nobody cares.

Tanlines in Speedo

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Sam Speedo said,  

That is an awesome pic, Dave! A low slung black Arena with an impressive VPL! I don’t usually like tanlines . . . prefer the all-over glow of a tan . . . but here, the tanline is sexy and brief and pokes over the top of the suit beautifully!

As for Thorpey . . . yeah, I think most of us thought he was gay for a good while. As you say: “who cares”? It’s his life and his privacy. Of course, the media need ‘sensation’ to keep their news bulletins filled so they exploit difference in others. Now Ian’s out, I think we should all get over it and leave the poor guy alone. He will always be a national icon and champion as well as a great guy!

DeepKisser said,  

Great tan line photo. How about the back too. I like the look of his front (wonder why?) It would be nice to see in the suit he got the tan lines from. Thin and smooth guy.

Dave Evans said,  


I’m with you 100% mate, it is just media BS, everyone knew he was gay and he will always be a national treasure.

The shame is that other celebrities didn’t have to have a Parkinson interview to tell the world that they are str8. Although if Thorpey said he was str8 that would have been a shock.

I’d love to know where I could get a pair of those Arena speedos.


k1speedo said,  

I’m with you Dave, would love to know where to get a pair of those arena speedos, they look amazing on him. Would love to see the entire tan too hehe. I love a good speedo tan.

Paolo said,  

Noble Masculinity !!!

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