Grindr isn’t very speedo friendly

Today I was updating my Grindr profile and I couldn’t believe that all of my speedo selfies were not approved. It sucks.

I tried a few times, starting off with me infront of the mirror wearing a speedo (no erection or anything pornographic). I then even went as far as wearing a pair of boardies and undid the front button to show off a pair of AussieBum Portseas and even that photo was banned.

What a bummer!!!

I think Tinder lets me post speedo selfies, kinda strange that a gay app doesn’t allow it.

Red Speedo SelfieSpeedo SelfiePoolside Speedo SelfieAussieBum SelfieSpeedo Self PicSpeedo Costume Selfie

8 Users Responded in " Grindr isn’t very speedo friendly "

DonFL said,  

You should complain to the Grindr manager about it. Would they want to ban all photos of the Aussie lifeguards too…

Dr. Phil said,  

Wow…that’s unfortunate. I don’t use Grindr (not really my scene), but since they’re in the business of facilitating hookups, I’m surprised that they take such a hard line on this.

vasy said,  

Bof..not terrible…

Dave Evans said,  

I was kinda hoping that maybe someone from Grindr management read this blog.


Darren said,  

Great set of pics here Dave There are some big packages in those speedos that I would like to get my hands on. A few posts ago cock rings were referred to and I wonder how many guys wear cock rings. Perhaps some of your followers Dave would like to tell us if they do, I think there are more wearers than there were a year or two ago.

cur6116 said,  

Yes sucks. Have the same experience. All my pics are banned. So now I have a pic of a pool. 🙂

speedotime said,  

I’ve had similar experiences, although most of the guys I’ve met on grindr don’t really get my whole speedo fetish unfortunately and just want to get right to the sex. 🙁

samspeedo said,  

Agree with you, Dave (and cur6116)! Have had all my attempts to get speedo or thong pics on my profile fail!

Now I’m using a pair of satin boxers! lol

Really don’t understand Grindr’s thinking on this one . . . mebbe they don’t like the thought of someone appearing in an Aussiebum WJ speedo and really showing off?

I could slip on a cock ring under my satin boxer and achieve the same visuals . . . !!

If that’s you in pic #1, Dave, you look awesome!

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