Hanging out in speedos

Finally the sun is out here on the Aussie Central Coast.

It isn’t like there has been no sunshine at all since I’ve been back but none of these gorgeous days with uninterrupted sunshine and no wind.  The water (ocean) temps are still pretty warm at about 18C but the air temp has been colder than that.

Since it is a nice day, I’m going to spend it wearing nothing but speedos.  Why not?

If you walk past my house and you see me up sitting with my laptop wearing my speedos, come up and say g’day.  You should be only wearing a speedo as well though.

Lazy Speedo Guy

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samspeedo said,  


Looks like he’s wearing an Aussiebum ice blue 1.5 wonderjock speedo. Sides certainly look small enough. There’s also a pronounced bulge, too!

I have one of these and I’ve gotta say it’s my favourite speedo of all! It kind of grabs all my junk and throws it out prominently in front.

As it’s 100% nylon it feels awesome to wear!

Now . . . finally, if I had this guy’s awesome physique . . . everything would be perfect in the world! lol

vasy said,  

i wait for a pic like this since many days..Thanks Dave

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