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After posting those pics yesterday I found some more pics from Idle Swimwear, I had never heard of them before so did a little reading.  It is a US company run by two gay guys and they have a huge range of speedos.  I love how they use masculine guys in their photo shoot!!!

Only thing is they are like $75 for a speedo.

It got me thinking about the most expensive speedo that I’ve ever bought and I think it is probably the Turbo speedos that I have – they were like $50 each.

What is the most expensive speedo you’ve bought?

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Dr. Phil said,  

I think the most expensive one I have at this stage is an Emporio Armani I got in about ’03 or ’04 in London. It’s solid red, it has velcro sides (which aren’t very comfortable, unfortunately) for easy/quick removal, and it cost me about 85 British pounds, which is about $130 or so at the time, I think. I kind of regret spending that much, but oh well…

I’ve not usually spent more than $60 on most. I saw a Burberry suit on that same occasion when I got the Emporio Armani one, and it was over $200! Some of the Grigio Perla ones are pretty expensive, too; and tech suits (i.e. jammers) for professional swimmers can run to $350 or more. Crazy…

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