Joined the Pool

Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys, I think I got a lot more from my online friends compared to my real life friends.

Day was great, joined the local pool…. ow my lord swimming in a 50m pool is soooo much better than a 25 yard pool that I was used to in Breckenridge, and it is outside so hopefully it won’t take too long to get my speedo tan cranking.

Dinner was a hoot and even I think the Australian accent sounds thick on my buddies parents.  I brought over a bottle of the Breckenridge Burbon which went down well, and went down completely before I left, and it was a school night.

Nothing naughty to really report, today it is kinda overcast.  Tomorrow night (Friday here) the boys are all excited about going to the pub for my birthday (half my mates here are married so like using me as an excuse to get out).

I wanted to show you guys these AussieBum speedos in the photos below.  I left some stuff in my car and was pleasantly surprised to find some old speedos that I had left behind.  I really like the look of these speedos but I just can’t pull them off.  They have the wonderjock thing in them which I’m not a huge fan of (it works – it’s just uncomfortable after 10 minutes.  Maybe I’ll cut the wonderjock thing out and give them another try.

My Speedo

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Ste said,  

Nice looking trunks, but they look a little restricted if you have anything down there. I guess you’re just too well hung for them, Dave!? 😉

Darren said,  

I have never been a fan of wonderjocks, very uncomfortable when you have a hard on which is very regularly when I wear speedos. I always wear Kiniki swimwear which is very brief and there is no room for anything extra. It as a very full house when there is a cock trying to grow to 7.5 inches in there.

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