Kip’s 1st Public Speedo Experience

Quick early morning post for you guys.  The weather has really started to feel like we’ve left winter behind us and it is great!!!  Yesterday morning I was up early, before sunrise, and as the day started to present itself it looked like it was going to be a cracker.

Since I was up early and got some work done I decided to take Kip on a walk north towards Shelly Beach.  It was a bit of a mission and since we weren’t going to be very far from civilization we didn’t pack anything.  The walk was gorgeous, the day was gorgeous, there weren’t many people about at all (I suppose it was a Thursday).

Kip really enjoyed it as well.

I had a couple of ideas for a speedo swim at a few beaches on the way but it just didn’t quite work out anywhere.  We did make it to the golf course at Shelly Beach and I wasn’t sure we’d get into the club house since we were just in shorts, t-shirt, speedos and tennis shoes but it was no problems and we had a seafood lunch and a couple of beers.  No wonder old people play golf, I couldn’t believe how cheap it was for lunch.  Great spot!!!

When we got back to my place we didn’t go up to the house we just stripped down to our speedos and went for a swim.  This was one of Kips first ever speedo swims in public!!!  I had completely forgot about it but when we’ve been surfing we’ve been wearing wetsuits.  Kip isn’t that familiar with the surf and he said he loved the feeling of being in the surf only wearing speedos.

After walking up the beach and showering in the outdoor shower Kip was pretty horny after his first public speedo outing……

A great day over all.  Kip, being the tourist took some photos, I’m horrible at this and should take some more for you guys.

Australian Coast

Shelly Beach Golf Club

We only noticed this house on the walk home and it was spectacular.  The beach is just below it and amazing views.  Now if you guys just all went and joined today then I could look at putting in a down payment.  Then I’d be able to have some pretty awesome speedo parties and I would definitely invite all you guys.

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2 Users Responded in " Kip’s 1st Public Speedo Experience "

electric2010 said,  

Hey Kip, thanks for the scenery shots. Australia is definitely on my bucket list. No if I could only find a way to pa for the trip…

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks for the comment Electric!!!

I’ll make sure Kip takes his camera out more often – the weather has been fantastic recently.


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