Kip’s Pool Party

Those of you who are new to reading this blog will have heard of Kip but might not know who he is.  He is my server administrator and handles all the super technical stuff to do with running this blog, The Speedo Forum and most importantly  Kip is awesome at his job, is super smart and loves speedos.

Kip and I have been working together for years now and before I moved back here to Sydney I spent some time with Kip in Breckenridge where he lives.  There was a LOT of hottub speedo fun that winter let me tell you.

Kip is planning on coming out here in a weeks time which I can’t wait for!!!

It is winter here but the ocean isn’t that cold and Kip has never been to Australia.  We’ll get some snowboarding down at Perisher as well while he is here.  Hopefully Kip will spend a little less than 3 months here.  Kip’s been reading about my exploits with Alex and loving it and is looking forward to joining in, Alex is looking forward to Kip joining in as well.

Anyway I just wanted to post quickly that Kip told me about a pool party that he went to at a rooftop private pool in Denver last weekend.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a party like that.  Kip wore a pair of AussieBums and although it was a gay party he was in the minority with a lot of guys wearing square cuts (which is a million times better than board shorts but not quite).

Kip did get some action later in the evening which sounded darn hot.  He said the speedos were popular…. all the more reason for guys to wear them I say.

All I need now is a house with a private pool and I’ll host a ‘Speedo Only Pool Party’.

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