Life Iz Pantz

Someone sent me some photos of these ‘Life Iz Pantz’ underwear and asked me if I had ever worn them or had a pair.

I haven’t and to tell the truth they don’t really do it for me but they do seem pretty popular.  Have any of you guys had a pair?

Everyone seems to be wearing them – even Shannon.

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Jo said,  

I’ve got one very confortable like you don’t wear anything

Dr. Phil said,  

I’ve seen them advertised, but have not obtained any…

They look like they’re knitted or crocheted or something…hmm!

Shannon makes pretty much everything look good, doesn’t he? Damn little bugger…

etmsreec said,  

They don’t do it for me either. Speedos in that colourscheme might be ok, but knitted pants? No thanks! I’ll keep me speedos ta!

byronboys said,  

I have 2 pairs, at first when I saw them I thought they look weird, once they are on I gotta say I love em!

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