Making Alex Cum

I can’t believe it had been 6 days since I last posted before yesterday.  Sorry about that guys – just been busy as usual but things seems to be running smoothly so nothing catastophic to take up my time.  Couple of things I have been working on:

  • As usual the Evil Speedo Corporation is trying to steal some domain names off me.
  • New movies on – check out the free downloads page because there are new free movies there.  I’m trying to keep that part of the site nice and fresh.
  • I have a new site that I’m working on with some different categories, like wrestling.
  • DE Swimwear is progressing and I’m just waiting on some sample products, I was hoping I’d have something ready by Xmas but looks like it might be just after.  I will be keeping you guys posted on this and getting some feedback from you guys as well.

I did update my Grindr profile a week ago but I haven’t had a chance to really get into it, I just turned Grindr on and realized I had like 8 messages (most of them just “Hi’ which I hate).

Two days ago though Alex came over and he came in his speedos.  It was the first shag I’ve had since Kip left and it was fun.  Alex was super horny so I sat him on the couch, wearing only a black lycra speedo brand speedo and took my time but never released his cock.  It didn’t take long since it had been a few days since he had unloaded and he creamed his black speedos.

Then I made him suck me off in his cum stained speedo which messed everything up.

After that we put on board shorts and went for a quick half hour surf.  Pretty hot sitting out the back with a guy I just made cum in his speedo.  I wish we were both only wearing speedos while surfing.

Jizzing in SpeedosSpeedo CumSpeedo Cumming

4 Users Responded in " Making Alex Cum "

wishiwasthat hot said,  

Have love wearing speedos since I can remember. HOT shots buddy.

wishiwasthat hot said,  

I put on my speedos and had a great time mmmmmmmmm

Dave Evans said,  

Chin-chin my friends!!!!

k1speedo said,  

A few of my speedos have looked like these over the years too, especially the first pic. Thanks for sharing Dave.

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