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I just can’t believe how well I’ve been behaved this weekend!!!

It is boring BUT it feels great and I can’t believe how much work I’ve gotten done.  Mainly I’ve been adding more and more movies to my site  Just a bit of a backlog that I’ve been meaning on catching up on which has been great to get stuck into.

I was hoping to get a game of strip chess in maybe later this arvo but I haven’t heard from the guy and I’m kinda nuts deep in this work so I’m keen to just keep going with it.

Hopefully by tonight I will have added 5 hours of new movies!!!

If you haven’t been over to my site, you should swing by.  It is your support that keeps this blog free and without any crappy pop-up ads and all that kind of crap.  And is just like that too, no pop-up crap, very secure and lots of speedo movies.

If you want to watch some of the new movies, you can join for just $5 bucks.  It is unrestricted so you can watch everything.

Thanks for all your support guys –

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