Nothing but white speedos

Boring day today cleaning up all the snowboarding gear and catching up on some work stuff.

Neither Kip or I got to wear white speedos while on our trip so today we have designated it white speedos only.  I’m wearing a pair of AussieBum Coolabah’s and Kip is wearing a pair of my white Arena speedos that look amazing on him.  There might be some fucking going on today at my house.

These guys are looking pretty good in their white speedos as well – does anyone know what makes the first one?  Looks awesome.

I Like This SpeedoGreat White Speedos

5 Users Responded in " Nothing but white speedos "

Eric Rex said,  

Cannot wait to hear about the white speedo “activities”

Speedorex Blog

Ryan said,  

Um … YUM.

Dave Evans said,  

Speedo Rex,

Turns out Alex read this blog post and is coming around this afternoon so Kip and I will have to keep our cocks in our speedos.


dgdjr said,  

When do we get to see pics of you, Kip and Alex in those speedos, Dave?

electric2010 said,  

Your post made me want to find my DE suit. Dug through my speedo drawer a few times & couldn’t find it. It made me very sad. Finally I remebered that I had put it on a closet shelf to dry! Made me so happy that I wore it to bed last night.

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