Party Time

There has been an interesting development with Alex and his girlfriend.  I’m not sure how much of what I’ve been told I’m going to disclose here but in effect Alex is now a bachelor.

He is feeling a little bummed out and it came to him as a bit of a surprise so this weekend I think the plan is to party so hard that he feels great…. and the next day his hangover is sooooo bad that it takes his mind off being dumped.  Good idea?  Probably not but it should be fun and hopefully get him back on the horse.

I might be able to tell you guys more after the weekend but you know how I value my privacy so I’ll extend that to Alex as well.

If anyone is up in Terrigal the next couple of days let me know, we’ll be at the Beery tonight and probably just BBQ’ing all day Sunday – unfortunately looks like the cricket won’t last until Sunday.

Speedos and Butts

4 Users Responded in " Party Time "

vasy said,  

i choose the position of the blue speedo

darren said,  

vasy, when the guy in red speedos has finished with you, I will take over from him.

vasy said,  


SteveR said,  

The guy in red could take me any time. Very hot.
Sorry to hear about Alex’s split. Hopefully things will work out as he would like them to.

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