Red Speedo Selfies

I receive a whole bunch of emails from different guys on a whole range of different topics.  I don’t always have time to reply to them all but I love it.  I’m told Warren Buffet spends hours each day replying to fan mail and I’m not like that but it is nice.

An email I received last week was from a guy ‘Pat’ who send me some pics of him and his new girlfriend.  Pat is 100% straight but loves speedos and his girlfriend loves Wicked Weasel bikinis so he send me some selfies of them fucking – Pat is wearing a red Arena speedo which looks pretty hot.  I posted these pics over on my bisexual blog – – if you are interested.

But since this is my more ‘gay’ blog I thought I’d post some red speedo selfies that I know you guys will like.

Red SpeedosRed Speedo Selfie

3 Users Responded in " Red Speedo Selfies "

Darren said,  

I do like red speedos, wish that guy would move his hand in the second pic. If Vasy sees this message, you have not made contact yet through that web site.

tomillo said,  

Is that you Dave?

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