Red Speedos

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about speedos being a gateway to gay….. Most of the feedback I received from you guys was disagreeing with me.  I love hearing different views and while not convinced, I definitely understand what a lot of you guys were saying.

Now red speedos, there is no doubt that red speedos have caused gay experiences.  That is a known fact right?  To be honest, when I see a guy in red speedos I immediately think he is naughty.

Earlier in the year I had a cousin of mine and her boyfriend staying at my place.  They were just great and was fun hanging out, the boyfriend grew up in Brissy so I lined up a surfboard for him and he brought his wetsuit.  One day after a surf he stripped out of his wetsuit and was washing off in my outdoor shower (outdoor shower makes it sound fancy, it is more like a hose nailed to the side of the house).

The boyfriend stripped out of his wetsuit to reveal a red speedo brand speedo!!!

Anyone else turned on by a straight guy peeling off a wetsuit to reveal a red speedo and then showering outside my house?

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Dr. Phil said,  

The speedo and wetsuit combination has been really turning my crank lately…I don’t know what it is about that, but whatever.

Do you happen to have any photos of that process? As in, in the midst of taking off the wetsuit and revealing the speedo? I haven’t seen many (if any), so I’ve had to use my imagination…good thing my imagination is vivid! 😉

Tiffani Lyn Love said,  

That guy on the bottom has a “big and tasty” going on!
xoxo Tiffani

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