Seeing Tom (virgin speedo butt 18yo) Tonight

I can’t believe you guys didn’t leave any comments on yesterdays post….

Since you guys didn’t offer any advice, I decided to email Tom yesterday and we spoke on the phone last night.  Tom sounds really nice and he sent me some more photos of him in his speedos and he looks amazing.  After school today (yes Tom is 18yo and in his last year of high school), he is going to drive up here for the weekend.

Traffic headed out of Sydney on a Friday is usually a bitch so not sure if I’ll see Tom tonight (Friday) or tomorrow.

I mentioned Tom to Alex (Alex reads this blog every day so there is no way I can hide it from him) and Alex raised the idea of him joining in.  I brought it up with Tom and Tom said that would be amazing and if he got cold feet he would love to just watch Alex and I.

If it works out on Saturday I’ll have Alex and Tom come over to my place, it will look a little weird to me neighbors if two super hot guys rock up to my place and then I close all the curtains for 2 hours or so….. wonder what they will be thinking?

Tom said that he has been following my blog for a while now and can’t believe I got back to him.  He said that he really enjoyed reading about Alex exploring his gay side for the first time (click here to read that).

It is a good looking day outside and I am sitting here in a pair of red Arena speedos with a raging hard on.  I want to save it incase Tom does come around tonight but it is going to be ‘hard’.  I’m off for a dip in the ocean and then I have 4 new movies to add to  I will keep you guys posted.

Swimmer Guys Butt
Blue Speedo BumSwimmer Butt

5 Users Responded in " Seeing Tom (virgin speedo butt 18yo) Tonight "

robaird said,  

Your are both consenting adults so go for it…..

mike said,  

Good luck Dave. Hope to hear how it went. Also hoping that there are some pics you can post as well.

samspeedo said,  

Sounds good! Just be sure that he IS over 18 so there isn’t any ‘child protection’ issues or underage sex involved! Had a few guys around this age contact me with all kinds of lurid sexual ideas and I’ve had to tell them I’ll ONLY be interested when they’re over 18! As guys are usually turning 18 during their Year 12 year you’re probably safe . . . but just be sure!

Dave Evans said,  

Sam Speedo,

I completely agree with you mate. 16yo is the age of consent but 16yo seems too young to me.


Darren said,  

Who would not want to get into one of those asses. Speedos just big enough cover, just how I like to wear them.

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