Speedo 2-Stripe

I’m a huge fan of the ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedo, click here to see a bunch of my speedo selfies wearing them.  I’m not sure what it is but they have been the same for years, they seem to fit me well, they don’t fade and the lycra material feels nice.

So when I put up today’s Photo of the Day I assumed this cute Asian guy was wearing an ADIDAS speedo.

Cute Asian Speedo Boy

But on closer inspection, it isn’t an ADIDAS 3-stripe, it is a Speedo 2-stripe.

Anyone ever owned these?

Speedo 2-Stripe Swim Brief

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daddybear54 said,  

I had them in navy blue. It was a Speedo Solar and was only sold in North America for a year or two.


Daddy Bear,

I wonder if the ones he is wearing are a speedo solar? They look a little bit bigger on the sides but it may just be his banging body that makes them look perfect.

I’ve got a pair of Solars in my collection now, I don’t wear them that much, the fit just doesn’t quite work for me.


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