Speedo Fans from 166 Countries

Today I was looking up some stats for an Aussie Adult Store which is interested in advertising on this blog.  I wanted to know how many of my visitors were Australian and it turns out only 12% are Australian which was a little lower than I thought.

One thing I learnt is that during this current month, this blog has had visitors from 166 different countries.

The most common countries was the usual suspects, USA, Canada, UK but surprisingly, China was in the top 10.

It is great to see visitors from all sorts of places, 6 visitors from Saudi Arabia (don’t get caught guys), 22 visitors from Iraq, 10 visitors from Syria (stay safe guys), all the Pacific Islands were covered as well as South East Asia.  I think it is awesome that there are visitors not only from all over the world but also from all different religious backgrounds (I can’t tell the religion of a visitor but you know what I mean) – 326 visitors from India (Hindu), 20 from Egypt (Sunni Muslim majority) and 11 from Iran (Shia Muslim majority) and 1 person from Nepal (Buddhist).

Kind of a boring blog post but I thought it was interesting.

Speedo Fans around the World

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Dr. Phil said,  

This is not boring at all, at least to me! I have always wondered how many people enjoy speedos–given that almost everyone I know personally (including gay men, bisexual men, women who like guys, etc.) all seem to loathe speedos and even the sheer idea of them is embarrassing to them. (Lame!)

The viewing statistics also seem to indicate what I’ve thought for a very long time: if the whole “gay” thing is a cultural and “nurture” thing rather than a “nature” thing that is just part of life for those who are, then why does it appear in cultures that have the death penalty and such for it? So, if you’ve got people from countries/cultures that have such a position, and yet they visit anyway…well, then it shows what their own priorities are, and what they’re willing to risk for something that will bring them pleasure. And I’m all for that–they need whatever pleasure they can get under those circumstances. So, think of it, Dave: you’re doing them and the world a service by providing your website! 🙂

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

I spend a lot of time looking at site stats and marketing stats but mostly it is into traffic flows, click through rates and not actually the who or the where.

The diversity in those stats that I put up in the post are fantastic in my mind.


samspeedo said,  

I’m disappointed to see that no-one from Greenland, apparently, accesses your website, Dave!’

Are Greenlanders unecessarily picky? Are they spoilt for choice? Or is it just that Greenland is too darn cold for speedos during most of the year?

I’m sure there’s a logical answer to this mystery but I’m fighting to work it out . . . !

Dave Evans said,  

Sam Speedo,

Greenland is a big white area up there.

The only viable explanation is that Greenland had no internet access this month.


Anthony Aussie said,  

Dave I thought the visitor stats were very interesting, I’m one of your Aussie regulars BTW. I have also suggested your site to a number of speedo fans I’ve met on line. One was already aware but the others were gonna look you up. keep up the good work its appreciated!!

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks Anthony!!!

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