Speedo Hump Day

How has every bodies week going?

Hump day here and from the number of blog posts recently, you guys can guess that I’m busy.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just lots of work for you guys.

I haven’t seen or heard much of Alex, he and his new man Adam are all good from what he tells me.  I’m not sure if they are ‘exclusive’ or if they will play together or even if they have had that discussion.  It is awesome for Alex though which is very cool.

Since I haven’t had a fuck since my threesome with Alex and Adam (click here to read about it if you missed it), holy crap that was nearly 2 weeks ago!!!

The weather forecast looks OK this week, I think I will have to organise something… maybe Friday?  Anyone up for some public speedo sex on Friday?

Today I’m just working in my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos – darn I love how these look.

Adidas SpeedosBlack ADIDAS Swim Brief

3 Users Responded in " Speedo Hump Day "

Dr. Phil said,  

A two-week dry spell, Dave…well, at that rate, you may as well just give up the thought of ever having sex again! 😉

(This from a person who has gone almost 8 years since having sex with another person…oh well!)

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

My cock has my ball bags packed and ready to just leave.

I trust you are living vicariously through me.

I think I have something lined up for tomorrow.


Dr. Phil said,  

You could certainly say that, Dave! From my viewpoint, you abound in two things: speedo wank material, and sexual encounters. If only I had as much sex as I have speedos! (I think I’ve hit the point where they are inversely proportional, unfortunately…!?!)

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