Speedo Party Postponed

For the last couple of years Kip has hosted a ‘Speedo Only’ party when I’ve been here visiting him.  It has always been fun, and has always ended in some naughty fun.  Speedos = Naughty Fun right?

Kip was going to host it tonight but we woke up and it is dumping snow!!!  Since a few people were coming up from Denver for it he decided to postpone it until next weekend.  Bit of a shame because I was pretty horny in anticipation of a house full of people in speedos but I suppose I can wait.

We had a great morning snowboarding, although it got busy really quick and we are back in the condo (both wearing nothing but our speedos of course).

Since I don’t have to save myself for tonights party, I think that once I finish with this blog post I’m going to plow Kip’s arse.  Every time he gets up off the couch his arse seems to be speaking to me “Dave, fuck me.”  Hahaha.

OK, time to rubber and lube up.

Great Speedo BumTight BunsButt in SpeedosBlack Speedo BumTight Speedo Butt

In about half an hour (maybe sooner) Kip might have a sore butt….  hehehe.

Butt out of Action

4 Users Responded in " Speedo Party Postponed "

Josh said,  

Hey Dave. Just to let you know I’ve contacted PayPal – using their dispute resolution centre to try and get things solved. No hard feelings – just not getting what I paid for and haven’t had any resolution contacting you directly.

ChicagoDan said,  

The ass wearing that asian suit is so hot. I would love yo bury my face, and cock in that.

DeepKisser said,  

Some of those speedos look like they are painted on…great photos….great butts!

samspeedo said,  

Just wondering if those coloured speedos are aquix? The tight black ones (second pic) are fantastic . . . what brand are they?

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