Speedos or Not?

A quick post for you guys before Kip and I leave for the house boat….

Last night we stayed in a crappy motel so that we could be at the marina at 8am sharp to load up the boat.  I’m starting to get excited and the weather here is much nicer than Colorado.

Neither Kip or I are sure whether it will be a speedo friendly boat or not so we are packing dork shorts unfortunately.  I am also packing my Aussie Turbo speedos, my nylon Corka speedos which are just super comfortable and the fit is great and my lycra ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

Lets hope that the dork shorts come down……

Speedos under boardies

If the boat is speedo friendly – I intend to spend the entire time ONLY wearing speedos…..

Six Pack ViewPool SpeedoWhite Speedo Butt

I’ve been told I won’t have net or mobile access while we are on the lake so I will talk to you guys in a couple of days.

Of course, I have planned some new movies for those of you who are blog members – being a member is pretty awesome and if there are any selfies I will be posting them for members only.  If you are interested – click here to join.

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

On the houseboat wear the speedos. Show off the tan. Wasn’t this a gay love boat? show them what it means to be Dave speedo from Oz.

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks Dr. Phil – fingers crossed I will be wearing speedos and nothing else the entire time.


Dr. Phil said,  

Haven’t commented on this post yet, Dave, but I’ll preemptively commend your efforts toward keeping it real speedo-wise! Best of luck with working on your speedo tan in the company of others who are doing likewise (or less, i.e. working on their full-body tans)!

I was in Vegas over the weekend, and the hotel (the Luxor) has an awesome set of pools…and it was dork shorts for miles around, unfortunately (though they sold speedo-type suits in the shop next to it, including some thongs! They were mostly by Pistol Pete, who make a good suit!). The gay day/pool party of the week there is on Sunday afternoon, and I had to leave Sunday morning, unfortunately, but that’s when I’d have probably had a speedo all-you-can-eat buffet for the eyes. Next time, I’ll know to book my travel to include Sunday afternoon.

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