Straining the front of my speedo

There is something about the guy in this pic that looks familiar and I can’t put my finger on it.  I could put my mouth on his speedo erection though.

Right now I’m sitting here working and I’m straining the front of my speedo.  It is Friday morning here in Aussie and today I’m going for a swim (I’m pretty sure Alex will be there), then I might have an afternoon nap since I’m up this bloody early.  Then the boys are coming around to watch the Collingwood v Richmond Aussie Rules Football game (not that I care about Aussie Rules) and then I’m guessing we’ll wander down to the pub, then I’ll get a Kebab, then walk home along the beach then I will fuck someone or just myself – hopefully not just myself.

In the mean time I have to work on not touching myself – or at least I’m going to try.

What is causing the front of my black arena speedos to be strained is some work I’m doing on new movie formats for my site  Not sure if I’ll get through it today but over the weekend I’ll post some movies and have you guys give them a ‘test’.  I might have to issue a warning that this test will probably result in straining the front of your speedo.

If you haven’t seen the movies archive over at you should check it out.  Current stats are 339 movies totaling 85hrs of run time.  There are screen shots for all the movies but kinda worth the $4.95 trial.

Erection in Tight Speedos

3 Users Responded in " Straining the front of my speedo "

Pete25 said,  

He may be one of the stars of the Hot House flicks.

Dave Evans said,  


You could be right mate. Those Hot House guys are all big, strong looking guys aren’t they.


Darren said,  

Hey Pete25, if you are around in 2 and a half hours log in, go to the private room under Darren12

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