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Hemsworth’s in Speedos

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To be honest, I don’t know much about the Hemsworth brothers.  I think they started acting in one of our local TV soap operas (not something I watch), then one of them was Thor (again, something I’m not really a fan of) and they make the socialite pages because they hang out at the Australian version of Malibu, a beach town called Byron Bay.  I’m not a fan of Byron Bay either, too many dirty backpackers, much nicer beaches and coastal towns but none with the ‘Byron Bay’ name I suppose.

But, if this photo below is of Chris Hemsworth wearing a tiny little speedo, I might be persuaded to become a fan.  Darn he wears that speedo well, and I can’t see any dork short tan lines so he must be a speedo fan.

He has a new fan in me…..  hahaha.

Chris Hemsworth in a SpeedoChris Hemsworth Speedo Photo

March 23rd, 2024
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